NAOKI DESIGN SOLUTIONS DESIGN FIELD NDS is doing research and design on PCBs, modules, systems, and other related applications / softwares. This allow us to be involved in projects that is related to designing and manufacturing clients' requirement GET A QUOTE NAOKI DESIGN SOLUTIONS NDS professionals consists of layout, design, IT and software engineers that able to perform highest level of quality project standards. NDS TEAM GET A QUOTE NAOKI DESIGN SOLUTIONS PROJECTS NDS has been dealing with projects for PCB designing, assembling, technological and software solutions. Most of NDS projects were mass produced and are being used in different ultra-modern fields. GET A QUOTE NAOKI DESIGN SOLUTIONS OTHER SERVICES NDS also focuses on other designing and manufacturing products, development, operation, integration and maintenance of different systems. NDS has the unique expertise for a wide variety of platforms on enhancing operational capability and support legacy systems through technology & performance upgrade. GET A QUOTE


Naoki Design Solutions specializes in manufacturing, assembling and designing PCBs, softwares, multi-disciplinary systems and solutions in different industries. NDS is advance because of the professionalism and highly qualified professionals that provides unique and top of the line products and solutions.


Why you should choose us


We are offering highest level of quality project standards. Our passion is to provide highest premium level of reliable, secured and product quality services.


We understand and analyze the regulations, processes, and operations of this industry for the benefit worldwide. The knowledge gained from our team professionals’ years of experience eliminates your risk in dealing severity of a possible loss.


Our company slogan says it all, we are committed to endure values and obtain life time trust to all our customers by giving them satisfaction in every project done.

Deliverables Timeline

We provide a fastest lead-times worldwide. Products and services are being delivered within specific number of working days provided in the project milestone. We guarantee on following the roadmap and assuring it’s perfect condition.

Quality Assurance

We create a positive outcome and deliver a great quality of work in designing, assembling, mfg. and supplying – giving our highest quality assurance.

Support Management

We have an extensive experience managing all types of complex projects by handling every details of it. We are dealing with our clients on a friendly and professional manner, and we are committed on providing a high level of performance and assistance.


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