PCB Prototype

Printed circuit boards are an integral part of most electronic circuits that we use today. Printed circuit board prototyping is the first step involved in the production of these circuit boards. The prototype circuit boards help manufacturers analyze the strengths and failures of their designs before a full production run. PCB prototyping has been perceived as a challenge for a long time, and was largely opted during large scale manufacturing. Naoki Design Solutions, being one of the leading circuit board manufacturers in the UAE, have made prototyping easier for its clients. We allow our clients to order prototype circuit boards in any quantities they want at affordable prices, and assure quick turnaround times in the industry. Our standard and custom PCBs are manufactured to high-quality standards.

Prototype Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Capabilities
Over the years, we have concentrated on improving our technical capabilities and expertise in prototype PCB manufacturing. The following capabilities enable us to assure the fastest turnaround times on all simple and complex projects.

Fulfillment Options: We can provide a turnkey PCB prototyping service, including parts sourcing, design, fabrication, and assembly. We also provide kitted and combo options.
Printed Circuit Board Types: We can provide single-layer, double-layer, and multilayer circuit boards in 1-20 layers.
Assembly Types: We specialize in surface mount, through-hole, as well as single- and double-sided placement.
Base Material: We can provide PCB prototypes made of standard base material – FR4 TD350 (TG180). Other base materials are also available on request. Printed circuit boards are provided with fully-finished with two solder masks and two silk-screen legends. Also, they can be provided with any lead-free finish of your choice such as lead-free HAL or electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG).
Quality Standards: All our printed circuit boards meet the standard IPC class 2/3 specifications.
Shapes and Hole Sizes: Prototype PCBs can be provided in any shape of your choice with finished hole sizes up to +/- 0.005″). Hole sizes >0.250″ are considered cutouts.
Prototype Options: We can provide functional prototypes, visual models, working prototypes, as well as proof-of-concept prototypes to meet your requirements.