PCB Thickness

The thickness of a PCB plays a vital role in determining the performance of the circuit board. Therefore, it is important to discuss the same with an expert and understand the minimum thickness required. Naoki Design Solutions is a company, which can provide you several PCB thickness options.

PCB Plating Thickness
Printed circuit board plating is an electrochemical process in which a metal is deposited on the surface of a PCB, as well as inside of the plated through-holes. Copper is the most common metal used for plating in the PCB fabrication process. We provide plating in the following materials:

HASLCopper: 20um -35um Tin: 5 -20um
Immersion GoldNickel: 100u″ -200 u″ Gold: 2u″ -4u″
Hard Plated GoldNickel: 100u″ -200 u″ Gold: 4u″ -8u″
Golden FingerNickel: 100u″ -200 u″ Gold: 5u″ -15u″
Immersion Silver6u″ -12u″
OSPFilm 8u″ -20u″