PCB Accepted Standards

When it comes to the quality of printed circuit boards (PCBs), following certain quality standards is very important. PCBs are manufactured in bulk. Thus, even a minute fault can hamper the operation and quality of a huge number of PCBs. Therefore, PCB manufacturers follow various IPC standards.

IPC Standards For PCB Manufacturing
The Institute for Printed Circuits (IPC) is an organization that releases the acceptability standards for PCBs periodically. These standards are applicable to all printed circuit boards as well as other electronic components. PCBs manufactured at Naoki Design Solutions follow IPC Class 2, and IPC Class 3 standards.

1. IPC Class 2 Standard: The products that follow IPC Class 2 standard are those, which deliver continued performance and have an extended life. In IPC Class 2 standard, uninterrupted service is required, but is not critical.

2. IPC Class 3 Standard: The products that follow IPC Class 3 standard are those, which demand constant or on-demand high performance, and both are critical. In this standard, downtime of equipment is not tolerated. Although the working environment is harsh, the equipment following this standard must function as expected.